We Assist Co


Jo Dope

Jo Dope were a grassroots start-up operating out of their founders’ bedroom study, with a dream of creating an ethical & sustainable alternative to mainstream bedding companies by using natural hemp fibre. 

The Game Plan 

We Assist Co were tasked to source and procure from quality sustainable hemp manufacturers, optimise a supply chain to create a range of top-shelf hemp bedding products for market and create a top quality e-commerce site, optimising it to rank higher in search engines.

Play by Play

  1. Source raw materials + Packaging material.
  2. Locate + co-ordinate suppliers to execute sample & production order
  3. Negotiate pricing + Quality Control (QC) parameters
  4. Manage QC process + Freight & logistics
  5. Design + Build sales channels

The Result

We built a reliable supply chain that produces a range of natural hemp bedding products, and optimised an effective e-commerce site and implemented SEO strategies to boost its google ranking.

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Jo Dope