Unconventional wisdom
[ uhn-kuhn-ven-shuh-nl wiz-duhm ];
Unconventional wisdom [ uhn-kuhn-ven-shuh-nl wiz-duhm ];

We help you build
and sell products.

We grow, stabilise and structure businesses. We look at products, people, processes, packaging, paperwork, and every letter in between. Whatever it is, we’re here to assist.

Who we assist -

We service all levels of business


The Enterprise

A team of 100+ operating a strong business with years of growth to prove it, but something’s missing. You want to be better. Like becoming a more environmentally considered and socially responsible business. Like addressing your team’s structure, cutting the fat and promoting their heroes.

Improve Now


Small-Medium Business

With a team of 5–100 people, you’ve stabilised and proven your business has legs; you’ve established distribution lines, predictable revenue, a reliable team, solid customer base... but you are now on the cusp of something big and are ready to move into the next phase.

Grow More

Start Up

The Bootstrapper

You are made up of 1–5 people at the early stage of the hustle, pursuing proof of concept. You’re wearing all the hats; fighting all the fights, putting out all the fires, mitigating all the risks. The path ahead looks promising and it’t time to invest and grow.

Take Off

We refine processes and identify opportunities within your business, from raw materials to curated marketing campaigns.

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Ultimately, it doesn't feel like you're working with an agency. It feels as if you are working with an extension of your own team. And when you're low on time/resources and need people who can hit the ground running, WAC step in with a well researched solution to every problem."
Hangatu Wyld
Hangatu Wyld
"What a delight to work with everyone at We Assist. It's a bit of an understatement to call themselves 'Assist'. Every team member works extremely hard, with dedication and genuine passion for our business and it's philosophy. That makes a difference and this ethos delivers genuine results."
Hans & Ursula
Hans & Ursula
"After losing my whole management team at the start of Covid I felt like I was drowning & couldn't swim to shore...After discussing my options with Taylor we laid down a 3month strategy to get my venue back on track & that is exactly what they did, taking time to refurbish the place, design a signature cocktail menu & book relevant entertainment."
Lulu Ren
Lulu Ren
"The team at We Assist Co are amazing. They created an online booking system for my transport business and improved my sales by over 500% and quite quickly too."
Ben Lockley
Ben Lockley
"I was so impressed with all the staff at We Assist Co. I engaged them as I was having difficulty finding a reputable manufacturer of gym equipment. Dealing with Oscar & Taylor was a pleasure, even through the ups & downs of sourcing a product overseas."
Viking Performance
Viking Performance